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(Co-educational, Day-cum  Residential & Matriculation Higher Secondary School)

Sports & Games

Physical Education at the School has two principal goals :

To develop sound physical habits for life.
To help develop strong and flexible students.

The School's Sports and fitness programme offers students of all abilities a chance to compete or simply have fun with sport. The School has multi-gym facilities such as treadmill, rowing machine, stationary bike, fitness rider, etc. Students are trained to use these by two qualified physical education teachers.

To foster team spirit and to develop physical fitness and stamina, the following are offered : Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Volleyball and Hockey.

The Tennis court in our school is a landmark for tennis lovers. We have installed a standard SYNTHETIC TENNIS COURT at our school. It has many merits. Our Tennis court has REBOUND ACE Synthetic surface which is the choice for GRAND SLAMS events. The Rebound Standard System of our Tennis court is unique and suited for all levels of play and competition with fine ball bounce. The School provides two cement courts for Basketball and three Table Tennis boards for the students.

It also has separate courts for :
  • Basketball - 2 Nos
  • Volleyball - 3 Nos
  • Kho Kho - 1 No
  • Football - 2 Nos
  • Hockey - 1 No
  • Kabadi - 1 No
  • Tennis - 1 No

The School follows the house system in order to inculcate a healthy competitive spirit among students and to involve the teaching faculty in the sports, games and co-curricular activities of their students. The members of staff and all the students from Stds VI to XII are grouped into five houses, MAIN FALLS, FIVE FALLS, HONEY FALLS, TIGER FALLS and SHENBAGADEVI FALLS (Girls). Each house has a staff guide (Housemates) a few members of staff, a student captain and a vice captain and a group of students.