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(Co-educational, Day-cum  Residential & Matriculation Higher Secondary School)

A Nation is built in its classroom. It is a beacon from which future generations can learn many lessons from history. Beneath the lovely area at the base of Pothigai hills, surrounded by flora and fauna, the most dynamic Seyad Residential School, it’s my lifelong longing to start a school, in my father’s name, which was founded in 1995 under the name of having to give an ambitious education that develops in harmony and love for the entire society concerning the future generation to the student community in general and in an Islamic way. In line with the motto of the school, “Show us the Right Path”, the students are encouraged to challenge existing wisdom and take action for betterment. We are witnessing an onslaught of changing trends in society values, family life, and of course education. The challenge before us today is to mould students into solicitous and creative human beings. A system of education that is holistic, complete and gives sufficient scope for thinking, creativity and originality is absolutely necessary.

Based on merit, we select 20 students annually to receive free education for the offspring of our employees. The school is provided with extra ordinary infrastructure facilities even which could satisfy the requirement of a good college.

Our education’s goal is to provide our pupils with a better future. Some students are forced to discontinue their studies in the middle because of their financial crisis in order to support these students. We provide interest free education loan through Seyad Welfare Society which they can pay after getting a job. This is my dream and our school which has turned out a number of International athletes are working to improve academic achievements for children who are falling behind and to help our students succeed in all sports. The residential facility for students provides the best care to the students to have an all-round development into confident adults. The students are provided additional support for competitive exams as well.

We look to provide the students with an experience where learning is exciting and fun. A “Seyad” is expected to have a strong character, respect for knowledge, patriotism and love for nature.