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(Co-educational, Day-cum  Residential & Matriculation Higher Secondary School)

The aim of our school is to provide unmatched qualitative education. Our approach is student centric which encourages Activity and Creative based learning. We enable them to bring out their best progressive and competitive environment in every field be it Academics, Sports or Co-curricular activities. Outside of the classroom, our constantly evolving infrastructure and other resources - like creative instruction with cutting-edge, teaching aids, students facilities, a pleasant and comfortable environment with knowledgeable faculty allow-students to acquire important lessons like social skills, behavioural etiquette, work ethics and gaining a sense of accomplishment. Our sincere goal is to enable every student, a critical thinker and an influential part of the rapidly evolving global community. Creativity is a gift given to each of us in a unique form. It is not limited to a few in the World. We are all creative. It is common to all.

To make this truth a reality, the students of Seyad are ready to put their intellect back to work with imagination. They are driven to create masterpieces, take what they are best at, and move towards the joy of creativity.

With the unwavering dedication to shining the beam, Seyad’s master team is unquestionably complete. They have given it their all. The entire team of Instructors is the definition of workaholics, providing flawless service to society as well as the Seyad students.

The strongest force that helps us to shape in our parents unwavering support.

There are two ways to spread light – be a candle or be a mirror that reflects. We are the candles and the mirrors that reflect our actions. We truly believe that.

This educational journey does not end as the World

“Education is the most powerful weapon which You can use to change the World" - Nelson Mandela