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(Co-educational, Day-cum  Residential & Matriculation Higher Secondary School)


O Allah there is nothing easy except what you make easy and you make the difficult easy if it be your will.

Pupils will look to Seyad School’s involvement as their future mentors. In this way, the educational establishment we work at is taking a step towards meeting the global challenges. The management of Seyad School provides free education to the children of their employees.

On focus is on a student’s overall development. Both their somatic and psychogenic are evidence here. We have devoted a great deal of time, energy and resources to create a top-tier school that gives pupils a top-notch education and essential life skills. The students studying here see success in numerous fields. It is their duty to work for this society. With the ongoing effort and guidance of our highly qualified teaches, without doubt, our school will serve as a crutch to further improve the quality and future of our morally upright students who succeed in various sectors. Our school welcomes Whiz-kids with enthusiasm and expectation.