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The Seyad School, Courtallam is an important landmark in the series of educational projects and programmes launched by the Seyad Welfare Society, the promoters of philanthropic and charitable causes.  The Society was founded by the Seyad Group of Companies which include the Seyadu Beedi Company, the Seyad Cotton Mills Ltd. and the Seyad Shariat Finance Ltd.


The School was formally inaugurated on Friday, June 30, 1995 and has been rendering valuable service to young boys and girls hailing from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc.


The Governing Body:

The School's Governing Body consists of the following :

Chairman - Haji.  T.E.S  Fathu Rabbani

Secretary - Haji.  T.E.S  Naina Mohamed

Members  -
Haji.    Dr.A.V. Mohideen, M.B.B.S.
                   - Haji.    F. Seyad Rabbani
                   - Janab. F. Sadiq
                   - Haji.    N. Seyad Abdul Kareem
                   - Janab. N. Seyad Nawaz
                   - Janab. K. Seyad Abdul Kareem
                   - Janab. K. Yoosuf Meeran

The Governing Body takes very keen interest in the activities of the School and aims at making this institution a centre of excellence in this part of our great nation.



              Inaugurated on Friday, June  30,1995 the School is a milestone in the series of educational projects and programmers launched by the Seyad Welfare Society, with a view to promoting education as a means of social welfare. The Society was founded by the Seyad Group of companies which include the Seyad Beedi Company, the Seyad Cotton Mills Ltd. and the Seyad Shariat Finance Ltd.   

Imparting quality education to all at moderate cost, irrespective of caste or creed, providing proper environment to a child to bloom into a total human being - this is the vision set before the School.   

The teaching faculty are qualified, competent and experienced in their respective fields. There are 28 members of teaching staff and 6 non-teaching and supportive staff to motivate the students to achieve excellence.

Uniform :

  1. Blue checked shirt, dark-blue full pant, tie, black shoes, dark blue socks and ID card.
  2. Friday: All in white uniform.
  3. For Girls: Blue checked pinafore, Gammeez and salwar with blue socks, black cut-shoes and ID card.
  4. Friday: All in white uniform.
A Test a Day :
Stds. X and XII  students are given daily tests in the order of a subject a day and the report is sent to the parents.  

Progress  Report :
The School sends periodically the cumulative record of scholastic performance of every student to his/her parents in the form of a progress report showing the achievements.

The daily homework with assignments in each subject is informed to the parents of the day-scholars through SMS every day. Hostellers are under the care of the respective Dorm-tutors and the students' academic activities are monitored by the Deputy Warden.

Visiting Parents :
a) On arrival at School, they should inform the Security Guard and furnish him with details.
           b) They are requested to park their vehicles only in the parking area.
           c) They should, unless it is an emergency, avoid visiting their children during School days.
           d) Visiting Days are:
                     1)1st Sunday of the month - Parents of Std. VI
                     2)2nd Sunday of the month - Parents of Std. VII
                     3)3rd Sunday of the month - Parents of Std. VIII
                     4)4th Sunday of the month - Parents of Stds. IX, X, XI, XII
                     5)5th Sunday of the month - All classes with prior permission
           e) Visitors are allowed to meet the students only in the visitors' room.
           f) Parents should get the prior permission of the Principal on other days to see their children.
           g) Visitors are not allowed to see students after 6.00 p.m.
           h) Parents should bring back their children in time to the School whenever they are taken
               out. Late comers will be fined Rs. 100/- each.
           i) Parents are encouraged to meet their children's class teachers and their Tutors-in-charge
               to discuss the performance of their children.
           j) Visitors are not allowed to enter the dormitories without the permission of the Deputy      
               Warden or Resident Tutor.
           k) Parents can contact their children over the telephone only during the following 
                scheduled time:

                 Working Days                  :  8.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.
                 Holidays                         :  9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
                 Phone Nos. Hostel            : 225086 (for Stds. VI to X)
                                                     : 220631 (for Stds. XI and XII)
                 School                           : 222986
                 Fax                               : 04633-227237
                 E-mail                            : info@seyadschool.com
                 Website                         : www.seyadschool.com                                              


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