(Co-educational, Day-cum-Residential & Mat.Hr.Secondary)

Hostel Block

A Tuck shop is run for children to get articles for School and Hostel use on Credit Note.

An Electrical Laundry is under operation with the aid of two  semi-automatic industrial washing and drying machines.  Our Residential Dhobi staff take care of the bi-weekly collection, washing, drying, ironing and delivery system.

A saloon with 2 modern saloon chairs is functioning for the hair-dressing needs of boys.

Study trips and one-day picnics are organised for the benefits of  students.


First class hostel accommodation is provided to all students.  There are 7 dormitories for students of Stds. VI to X and a separate block for students of Stds. XI and XII which has 3 dormitories and a study room.

There is a spacious dining hall with modern furniture and a modern kitchen which is well equipped to prepare food in a hygienic manner.  Well-balanced, wholesome and nutritious meals, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, are served.  The day-wise menu has been prepared by a qualified dietician and mess supervisor.  A well qualified and experienced Deputy Warden, reporting to the Principal, looks after the day-to-day running of the Hostel.

Each student is provided with a cot, Kurl-on mattress, bed spreads, a set of pillow cases and a cupboard for keeping his personal belongings.  The dormitories are spacious and well -ventilated.  Television sets are provided for the entertainment and information of students.

At weekends activities are organised for students.  These are singing, mono-acting, sharing of jokes, mimicry, etc.  These talent nights are useful in spotting and nurturing talents.


Medical Check-up


Medical facilities are available for students.  A health-card is maintained for each student.  Medical check-ups are conducted by a team of specialists.  A local doctor visits the School clinic twice a week.  Students who fall ill are taken to the doctor's clinic if they need further treatment.  A qualified and experienced Staff Nurse is in charge of the School Clinic which has 12 beds.



Physical Education at the School has two principal goals :

  To develop sound physical habits for life.
  To help develop strong and flexible students.

The School's Sports and fitness programme offers students of all abilities a chance to compete or simply have fun with sport.  The School has multi-gym facilities such as treadmill, rowing machine, stationary bike, fitness rider, etc. Students are trained to use these by two qualified physical education teachers.

To foster team spirit and to develop physical fitness and stamina, the following are offered :

Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Volleyball and Hockey.


The Tennis court in our school is a landmark for tennis lovers.  We have installed a standard SYNTHETIC TENNIS COURT at our school.  It has many merits.  Our Tennis court has REBOUND ACE Synthetic surface which is the choice for GRAND SLAMS events.  The Rebound Standard System of our Tennis court is unique and suited for all levels of play and competition with fine ball bounce.

The School provides two cement courts for Basketball and three Table Tennis boards for the students.  It also has separate courts for :

Basketball - 2 Nos. Volleyball - 3 Nos.
Kho Kho - 1 No. Football - 2 Nos.
Hockey - 1 No. Kabadi - 1 No.
Tennis - 1 No.  

Aquatic Complex - Swimming Pool


The School has an aquatic complex with a crystal clear swimming pool authentically designed which serves as a centre for conducting district level swimming competitions. It helps our students for swimming exercises.

School Gym

Basketball Court

Swimming Pool





The Library functions under a well qualified Librarian.  It has about 13,000 volumes of books related to all subjects of study and reference.  The Library is used by students for their general education, information, competitions and inspiration.  It is wholly computerised.

In addition to prominent English and Tamil dailies, it subscribes to more than 7 periodicals of national and international standards.  It also has Encyclopaedias, Biographies, Autobiographies and Religious books.


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