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Application forms for admission and Prospectus can be obtained from the School office on payment of Rs. 200/-   Filled in application forms will be scrutinized and admission made on the basis of a written admission test conducted by the School.  Birth certificate, Community certificate and Transfer certificate are required at the time of admission.

Admission of students is based on Government regulations regarding age, ability and conduct.

A student should be personally introduced by his parent/guardian at the time of admission.  The parent/guardian will be responsible to the School authorities for his studies, attendance, punctuality and conduct.


          Students should wear the prescribed uniform during School hours.

          Absence from class without proper reasons, disobedience, late coming or any     other  kind of  objectionable behaviour will be considered a serious offence and suitable action will be taken by the Principal.

          Students should not scribble on the walls of the School or Hostel buildings.

          Talking back to teachers, dormitory assistants, Deputy Warden and any other staff of the School  is prohibited.

           No student is exempted from physical exercises or organized games without a doctor's certificate.

          Students should follow the given time table and be punctual at School and in the Hostel. 

Spoken English: 

        Students are made to converse in English inside the school premises with the able support of teachers. Our language laboratory is used for this purpose.  

Seyad Service Academy:
Seyad Service Academy    

 This was established to help students who drop out because of financial and/ or family problems to continue their studies. Those who have passed Std. VIII are helped to pass their
S.S.L.C. and those who have passed their S.S.L.C. are helped to pass their Higher Secondary Examination, as private students. They are accommodated, fed and clothed free of cost and they are taught their lessons in the morning and evening. At other times they help the School in the Office, library, mess, etc. by doing small jobs. A pocket money of Rs. 200/- per month is given to each of them. So far 60 students, irrespective of caste or religion, have benefited through this scheme. Some of them have been employed at School and in the Seyad Group of Companies.


RO Water System

Scholarships and Endowments:
1) Bhavani Endowment created by Sri Padmanabhan Iyer - Out of the interest, a prize is
             awarded every year to the best Academy boy.
           2) An Endowment created by Miss M.D. Khanna - Out of the interest, prizes are awarded
            to winners of Childrens' Day competitions.
           3) Fathumuthu Jameela Banu Endowment - Janaba Bisminisha has created the
             Endowment from the interest of which Jameela Banu Memorial trophies are awarded to
             Senior, Intermediate and Junior Athletic Champions.
           4) The Hajiyani Badrunisha Endowment - It awards three prizes to winners of
              religious quiz competitions.
           5) Fathumuthu Endowment created by Engineer Mr. Adam - From the
              dividend, building maintenance  expenses are met.                        

Extra Charges:

Personal expenses like medical expenses, laundry and hair-cutting charges, etc., will be extra.
The Management will not be responsible for any accident caused to a student by his own act of carelessness, negligence or irresponsibility.
         Competent School authorities may frame and issue from time to time disciplinary rules of a temporary or permanent character, regulating the conduct of students within the School. The Management of Seyad Residential School reserves the right to add, delete or  modify any or all the conditions, information and rules mentioned in this Prospectus without any notice.




         Separate transport is provided for the day-scholars. There are seven School buses for commuting students from the places in and around the educational district of Tenkasi covering about 30 KMS.         

Trains that stop at Tenkasi:

     1. Chennai to Tenkasi (Pothigai Express)
     2. Tirunelveli to Kollam
     3. Tirunelveli to Shencottah

Buses that stop at Tenkasi:

    1. Trivandrum to Tenkasi
     2. Kollam to Tirunelveli (Via Tenkasi)
     3. Tirunelveli to Tenkasi
     4. Tenkasi to Courtallam            

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